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I installed Window 8 RTM build 9200 on my 2012 MBP with native EFI booting, and had plenty of problems (including BSODs) when driver security verification (can’t remember the exact wording) was on. I disabled it and Windows seemed stable. I would still get a kernel security failure crash at times. The audio bus didn’t work either. It was unreliable. Windows wouldn’t boot every time I needed it. After some poking around, I found out that a faulty driver was causing Windows 8 to crash. Booting in safe mode alleviated my problems. However, Windows isn’t very functional in a permanent safe mode. With the next semester approaching, Windows needed to be reinstalled in a BIOS configuration.

The first problem was GPT (GUID Partition Table- it organizes the partitions on a disk). When installed for EFI, Windows 8 requires GPT. Since the Mac OS transitioned to X86, it has required GPT…

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