The Critical Point

When I think of Internet Explorer, I still think of the huge security breach with Internet Explorer 6 a few years back. After that, I immediately switched to Mozilla Firefox and then switched to Google Chrome the moment it came out. Apparently, if you mess up once, you lose my business (I never used any Bausch & Lomb ReNu contact solution again after the company discovered one of the ingredients may lead to an eye infection and issued a recall).

I snickered when I heard people still used Internet Explorer as it seemed so old-fashioned, especially when we have Google Chrome that has sleeker look, great security, useful ad-ons, custom themes, and works extremely fast. I imagined that Internet Explorer users still have Yahoo! mail accounts (Who knew Yahoo! mail was still around? I challenge you to find 5 people who regularly use Yahoo! mail as their primary email address…)

To my surprise, however…

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